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The people have clearly chosen their nominee, and 10120 Republicans pledge NOT TO VOTE for the Republican nominee if it is not Donald J. Trump. In addition, 10120 people could walk away from the Republican party forever if Donald Trump's nomination is stolen. The Republican National Committee is trying hard to make sure Donald J. Trump is denied the party's nomination. While Trump may be leading the race with the most delegates, if he doesn't make the 1,237 goal there will be a brokered convention. This means The Establishment will get to pick their candidate, and chances are it won't be Donald J. Trump because of his anti-Establishment policy. If you want to prevent this you can anonymously SIGN HERE.

Special Thank you to everyone who has participated!
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As of , Mr. Trump has cemented his lead for the Republican nomination for president, winning the most delegates of Super Tuesday II. The voters are overwhelmingly chosing Donald J. Trump as the Republican nominee.

With everyone within The Establishment and media hell-bent on stopping Mr. Trump, We The People (the ones doing the voting) choose to retaliate! They have thrown everything from , to our way: , , , and . Let's not forget about , (which was by the way ), and asking Mr. Trump to disavow . And for the fun of it.

When will you learn? You .

That being said, we will not be cheated after getting this far. Consider the following: 84.2% of Americans use the Internet. Currently we have gathered 10120 signatures. This potentially means that at least roughly 12020 people will not vote for the nominee come general election if it is not Donald J. Trump. You are currently at a crossroads: Will you choose to adapt and survive? Or will you risk everything, denying the will of the people and - perish. In other words: Will you risk losing 12020 people permanently? The choice is yours, but do not forget: We don't need you. YOU need us!

UPDATE: As of 26th of May 2016. Donald Trump has officially made it past the required 1,237 delegates for nomination! You can still sign the pledge to show your support but we believe he will be the Republican nominee. A special Thank You list has been posted below.

Possibility of Riots

I’m representing many millions of people. If you disenfranchise those people, I think you’d have problems like you’ve never seen before.

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By clicking the SIGN button below, you: Hereby pledge your support to Donald J. Trump and will not vote for the Republican nominee come general election if the nomination is stolen from Trump.
Additionally you may help us maintain and promote this website fund the new project aimed to help Donald Trump winning the General Election by clicking the DONATE button below (more information on this later). Feel free contact us if you have any questions regarding donations.
Note: The pledge is completely anonymous, and only American citizens can sign the pledge. If you are not American and still wish to help, you can donate any amount of money via paypal to help us promote through ads and maintain the website. Donors are eligible for being listed in a public 'Special Thanks' list which will be up in the future. We will contact you shortly after donating.




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Thank You!

For their tremendous support and help with promotion! We would also like to thank all of our anonymous donors and supporters from all over the world who have helped spread the word through the likes of facebook, twitter and reddit. Most importantly, THANK YOU to everyone who has signed the pledge! You are the real heroes! ;)

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